Monday, September 24, 2007

The making of Rorschach

I'd like you to leave
Just don't splatter my whitewashed walls
With your blood and guts
Don't say, if possible, anything at all
Just up and go if you can
And if you can't
Don't stay and rant
I like silence when I watch TV
And don't accuse me of thinking only about me
'I' am a perfectly legitimate thing to think about
And don't say "Take care" when you take that step out
Because I will, whether you tell me to or not
You can simply smile when you go
Or mouth soundlessly at my back
And please don't remind me of the sensitivity I lack
Because I really, honestly, for once in my life
Don't care about the future, about the results
There's nothing I want to mend
There's nothing I want to ever feel like resolving
There's nothing I want to leave any scope for improving
There's nothing that I want to do with you, ever
Black and white are the easiest colors to view the world in
I want to say, this time, it ends.
Random poems late in the night
Don't have to be true, or accurate, or right
They can sometimes be born from the simple need -
And not from some subliminal seed -
The need to write.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In which I find my inspiration to continue at WIMWI

8:10 PM Dashdash: so what did you decide
me: about what?
8:11 PM Dashdash: what you want to do today
me: i have to work on my btp
8:12 PM i also have an assignment demo
Dashdash: fine
8:14 PM people with much more work than you
are a lot less rude to me
besides you're not a good manager
me: i don't see how i'm being rude
Dashdash: and you get nervous
that is your primary problem
you dont accept your faults
8:15 PM me: we ARE quite similar, then
Dashdash: no
im a good manager
and i dont get nervous like you
me: and you accept your faults?
8:16 PM never mind
Dashdash: even from rude people, yes
my accepting my fault never pacified your ego anyway so how does it matter
me: precisely, it doesn't matter
8:17 PM Dashdash: you dont deserve the air time you get
you're always speaking too much and listening too little
8:18 PM me: anyway, i have to leave
you must have something to do too
Dashdash: no one is stopping you smarty pants!
me: :)
Dashdash: just go


I was searching for some old important sort of mail to do with my BTP when I chanced upon this. I thought it was funny so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by spreading the good cheer and giving my asphyxiating blog the Kiss of Life.

PS: I do think I am a little sarcastic at times, or at least I try. I don't think it ever worked on Dashdash, by the way.

Monday, September 03, 2007


"The bottlenecks will always be there. It's up to you to pick your exhibits."

Thank you L.

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