Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Goodbye 2006

It's been a long time since I posted and I have only a list to offer you. It is, however, no ordinary list. This is a list that has been a year in the making. About a year and a quarter back I decided that I'd start maintaining a list of all the movies I watched. I figured since I watched so many of them and since they were such a drain on my time and well, just that because almost all of them were acquired free of cost from the inter-hostel LAN (which is the best bloody thing about IIT and which deserves a post to itself) I might as well make a list and keep count so I could measure my effort. I found out recently that a friend who I often talk about movies with and who's also often the only one I can talk about them with is such a friend for a reason - he watched more than 160 movies in the last calendar year! I have watched a little more than half of that number but even that is impressive by the lay watcher's standards. Here's the list:

MOVIES SEEN IN SEMESTER-6 (January - April 2006)

2)Natural Born Killers
3)King Kong
4)The Sting
5)Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (H)
6)Prozac Nation
7)L.A. Confidential
8)Some Like It Hot
9)Taxi Driver
10)Chariots of Fire
11)Oldboy (Korean)
12)Full Metal Jacket
13)Rang De Basanti (H) (twice)
14)Deewar (H)
15)Garden State
16)Underworld Evolution
17)Maqbool (H)
18)Double Indemnity
19)Maalamal Weekly (H)
20)Ghost World
21)Wall Street
22)Lord of War
23)Being Cyrus
24)V for Vendetta
25)Roman Holiday
26)The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
28)Man on Fire
29)Rear Window
31)Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
32)Ghost in the Shell
33)Die Hard


1)Gangster (H)
3)X 3: The Last Stand
5)Mission: Impossible 3
6)Samsara (Tibetan)
7)Superman Returns
8)Cat People (1982)
9)The Hustler
10)Arth (H)
11)Krrish (H)
13)Anger Management
14)Mystic River

MOVIES SEEN IN SEMESTER-7 (27/07/'06 - December 2006)

1)City of God (Brazilian)
2)The Godfather Part 2
3)Run Lola Run (German)
4)Omkara (H)
5)The Guns of Navarone
6)Dog Day Afternoon
7)Amelie (French)
8)12 Angry Men
9)Paths of Glory
11)The Bicycle Thief
12)Raiders of the Lost Ark
13)A History of Violence
14)Wild Strawberries (Swedish)
15)Haasil (H)
17)Lage Raho Munnabhai (H)
18)A Better Tomorrow (Hong Kong)
19)Donnie Darko
21)Mrityudand (H)
23)Infernal Affairs (Hong Kong)
24)The Bourne Identity
25)On the Waterfront
26)Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi
28)21 Grams
29)The Departed
30)Casino Royale (twice)
31)Road to Perdition
32)Der Untergang (German)


1)Dhoom: 2 (H)
2)The Day of the Jackal
3)The Searchers
4)The Untouchables
5)Ran (Japanese)
6)Raging Bull
7)The Bourne Supremacy
8)Rocky Balboa
9)Heavenly Creatures
10)Amores Perros (Spanish)
11)The Prestige
13)Lost in Translation

91 in all.

Happy New Year everyone!

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