Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Man With No Name

Everytime I look at your picture
I can always see an arm rest on your shoulder
Even though I know it's only your hair
And the folds of your dress
I can never quite resist
Following the imaginary arm
Over your shoulder blade,
Through your careless hair
Around your neck,
Out of the frame
The arm that isn't there
Just like the Man With No Name


Blogger Realistic me... said...

Interesting comparison... :)

3/10/08 12:06 AM

Blogger Robert Frust said...


3/10/08 3:02 PM

Blogger Mahima said...

Lovely Poem. I like the way it leaves the interpretations upto the reader. Even more interestingly there are so many meanings one can derive from it.

13/10/08 3:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice :)


15/10/08 10:10 PM


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